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Server Rules

Post by KrAzY! on Fri Apr 10, 2015 5:36 pm

No Hacking / Scripting
Players are not allowed to use any kind of Script [BH] or Cheats [Wallhack,Aimbot,Speedhack....etc].
This will lead to a permanent ban!

No Racism
Racism is strictly disallowed in our servers such racist names, insulting someone's religion.
Everyone is welcomed [black/white people, arabic/asiatique/english people...ect]. You must respect other players religions/countries otherwise you will be gagged.

No Ghosting
If a player is killed and he's spectating, he cannot use his microphone/steam/admin-chat to inform another player/friend/admin were exactly other players are.
Breaking this rule will lead to a serious punishment!

No Advertising
Players are not allowed to advertise other communities website/server IP's. Including their names/chat/microphone.
This will lead to a warn and permanent ban if needed!

No spamming chat
Do not spamm/flood servers chat (say, say_team) with useless comments.
Do not spam admin-chat (say_team @) with comments such "hello, how are you" , "hey, what did you watch yesterday on tv".
This command should be used only to report cheaters!

No dis-respecting other players
Respect other players in the server and don't insult anybody, any excuses such "im just kidding" wont be tolerated and will lead to a temporary gag.

These rules should be applicated on all [nG] servers. Breaking any rules writen here will lead to a punishment.


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